Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Perchance to MMO.

For those of you on the MMO scene, there was some cool stuff certainly. I'd just like you all to take a look at these three movies.

Keep in mind, both show nothing worth really asking questions about...and Jesus, Bioware must pay out the ass for CG artists.

Warhammer has delivered, at least, some very interesting in game footage. While I glance upon it, it gives me a slight taste of Tabula Rasa. Call me skeptical, although I am quite excited to see it unfold.

Another attempt at what was an interesting MMO concept. Final Fantasy is a very obscure coin toss. 2009's comments by their developers were ambitious, promising that they had surveyed the MMO landscape. Some of the comments from those in the Alpha...well..They say different.

Above everything else, I see these games as rather clunky, and perhaps Star Wars taking home the "least awkward in show" cap. -- Why? Because while tip top graphics are fun, scalability is what allows a large audience to play.

And then to eventually become your core gamers. Among other things, naturally.

Something to think about.

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