Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Welcome back.

Mii's -- Are they actually effective enough to warrant a party game? Party games have been in a somewhat slow decline, and it's almost a niche of a niche. Just seems a bit tacked on. I loved the whole personage of Fit, though.

Watching the conference really only solidified my need to continue to support Nintendo. When 3DS showed it's promotional video, and I'll find a link to it ASAP, it had several very prominent developers speak about it's new and interesting features.

I know how people feel about Hideo Kojima, and yes...he's a bit out there. But the fact remains that his games have allowed for a very large niche following. When he came up on the video, touting the absolute interest in this new platform, I was speechless. In fact, it seems there are a lot of developers that are slowly making their way back into the fold of Nintendo.

Square-Enix was also displayed as making games for the new 3DS. I understand that both behemoths have been developing some games between consoles, however it is interesting that both have their very roots tied to the core of Nintendo...and that now they are slowly beginning to see that graphical representation is but one part of entertainment in interactive media.

Just a few thoughts. I just wanted to tell them both, and to all of the old titles now being released again...

Welcome back.

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