Monday, June 14, 2010

Microsoft at E3

Well, Microsoft's press event was overall a complete failure:

- No price on "Kinect"

- No interesting games for Kinect

- Nobody besides paid employees and contract-bound partners have played Kinect yet- STILL.

- Kinect media center relies on "Zune Marketplace", Microsoft's failed attempt at emulating iTunes which nobody ever wanted or cared about

- Hardcore games were all same-old same-old-- Gears3, Halo Reach, CoD:BO, Metal Gear. Nothing new here whatsoever

- Not a single "Hardcore" game announced Kinect compatibility (yet?)

- No Solid Snake in new Metal Gear game :C

- No Kinect compatibility announced for Metal Gear (SUCH a SHAME considering all the awesome things Kojima would certainly come up with in that crazy imagination of his)

- New Xbox "Slim" barely smaller than old Xbox. Seems its primary function is to pad sales numbers by getting the "Hardcore" to buy a second Xbox

- Did i mention that they still didn't give a price for Kinect or let anyone play it yet? Or even announce that people could play it on the show floor?

- New Xbox launches TODAY!!! :D (Anyone remember what happened when Sega Dreamcast did EXACTLY THAT at E3? hah. I'm sure the Dreamcast fanboys do. Disaster.)

- Nothing amazing shown, no surprises whatsoever. Why should we be excited, Microsoft? Really!!!

Let's hope they fix some of this shit soon. Especially letting normal people play Kinect and telling us how much it costs.

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  1. It was actually the Sega Saturn stunt that they pulled back in 1995 to try and throw off Sony.