Friday, June 18, 2010

Not really about video games, but absolutely about video games.

More than likely, you all know Matt:

Why do I bring up Matt? The video below. Please watch it.

Did you get to the very end? If not, watch all of it.

Did you watch it? Thank you.

That's called fun. The man danced around the world and, for fun, got people to DANCE WITH HIM. And here he is, giving a speech. A boring little blahblah about how he did X, Y, and Z.

And then he asked if people wanted to dance on stage.

A few people shouted yes. They stood. Some more followed suit....soon the entire stage was filled with people, all being goofy because it was fun, because they could. Because they wanted to play.

That's what fun is. And it's no different than when you play video games alone or with friends. When you play, you do so to have fun.

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