Thursday, July 8, 2010

Arc Rise Fantasia: Where young voice-actors go to die

Have you ever heard such terrible voice acting in your entire life? This game has been on my radar for like a year or something as a JRPG I had a lot of interest in checking out, but after seeing this video, I am not feeling too good. In fact, I am really wishing I hadn't excitedly clicked to watch this video. Why would anyone even release this? Are they trying to sabotage its sales potential or something?

Is this the kind of "crafstmanship" we can expect from the other parts of the game? I don't understand why they would even waste the little money they did on voice acting if it had to be this horrendous. I have been completely turned off of this game by this video, which is really unfair to the teams that wrote the code and designed the environments.

I may still check this out at some point just because I've been excited about it for so long, but I can't help but think that they just don't care about the game if they're willing to even put voice acting this ridiculous into it. Let's hope, for their sake, that you can toggle voice-acting on-and-off, and that the default is OFF.


  1. You know, I recall a sibling of mine wheeling in pain from things like this.

    Usually games spoken in their native language tend to have more feeling, but still. We pay these people to actually act. That's kind of sad.

    Entertainment = Entertain us.

  2. Sorry to say this, tactics, but I think you're late to this party. I remember very lousy English dubbing plaguing JRPGs since before the new century. Grandia, for example, released in 1997 has TERRIBLE voice acting.

  3. CronoLink: Fair enough :) Nevertheless, this is ridiculous. I mean, that was 1997. This is 2010.

    I've never been one for voice acting in the first place-- I prefer to read anyway.

  4. It almost sounds like people making fun of voice acting rather than actually attempting to make it sound good.

    I'm reminded of this:

  5. HAHAHA that was a crack-up.

    ...but yes... it's kinda like that, except I think they're actually serious >.<

  6. LOL, that is pretty bad voice acting, though it's not the worst I've heard. Try playing Castle Shikigami II on PS2; not only do they have terrible english VA, but the english script is all in engrish, like they didn't have time to fully translate and localize the dialogue.

  7. gamephreak5: Awesome... I definitely want to check that out. Sounds like a riot. I think I've heard of that game before, too...

  8. Haha at :57. It's the new Jill Sandwich.