Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Objection! Unsuccessful troll is unsuccessful

Wedbush Morgan Securities Analyst Michael Pachter has finally been completely exposed.

If you pay much attention to the "news" in the video game industry, you'll most likely know who Michael Pachter is. He's the guy who is always making crazy nonsensical analyses, twisting words and fighting semantics, and seems to be attempting to distort game journalism by creating "distracting" "rumors" by interviewing with gaming sites/blogs, going on TV, and even hosting his own internet "show" called Pach-Attack. 

While we're reminiscing, here are my 5 favorite Michael "Manipulate the Market" Pachter moments:

5) Pachter predicts that Microsoft's Project Natal (now known as "Kinect") will release for $50 (Source, October 2009)

4) Pachter calls for Nintendo to unbundle Wii Sports from the retail Wii packaging and lower the price to $199 to increase sales, and actually says this right after christmas 2007 when Wii was still sold out everywhere. (Source, January 2008)

3) Pachter releases a huge report, predicting that PlayStation 3 will control 45 percent of the market, Microsoft will control 35 percent and Nintendo will control just 20 percent through 2010. (Source, May 2006)

2) Pachter proclaims the impending release of a "Wii HD" time after time over a span of 12 months (Nov '08-'09), and then instead of admitting that he was wrong for all that time, instead claims that "PlayStation Move is the Wii HD" (Source, March 2010)

1) Pachter calls the PSP Go a ripoff, but just days later rescinds his comment and formally apologizes to Sony for the "mistake". (Source, June 2009)

Pachter's not just wrong a lot. Pachter's not even just completely wrong a lot. Pachter is so hilariously wrong that anyone paying attention absolutely must question whether or not he has alterior motives. How can someone who is paid (and apparently pretty well) to analyze a market for a living be so consistently and so completely out of touch with reality?

I am so thankful this day, that "professional" "analyst" Michael Pachter has taken precious time out of his busy schedule to send Malstrom this email: It's amazing how a calculated and defensive response can sometimes backfire and be the ultimate admission of guilt.


  1. You read it here first folks.

  2. The proper term is, "Not even wrong" - so wrong that Pachter isn't even really addressing the topic he is talking to.

    This term is typically used when talking about scientific subject, but with someone who doesn't even have a basic understanding of the concepts involved.

    It's like if someone said, "I know this to be true because I believe it to be true in my heart and my guts", when heart and guts don't don't have any actual relevance to truth - it doesn't even have a chance to be wrong.

  3. Michael Pachter is like an oracle of old.

    Reading birds in the quadrants, sitting above gas vents hallucinating, and of course divinating the entrails of an already slightly abused reader base.

    How quaint.