Monday, August 9, 2010

A Reasonable Bump

Sorry for the lack of content guys. Life does catch up to us from time to time. What I can say though is that in the mean time, I have something for you to see.

I don't much go to the escapist anymore. When I do, it's for one reason.

While most people obsess over Yahtzee, his reviews (at least the videos) tend to be one-dimensional. Funny guy, though. However, what most people MISS is Movie Bob.

Bob knows movies. Like, Really knows them. He is what Journalists should strive to be. Yeah, a little biased sometimes (within reason), funny, insightful, and dissects the work based on the merits of it's industry and expectations. At the end, he tells you his opinion if you should see it or not. Some times he'll even give you alternative movies to watch for a better understanding or simply just a better telling of the story. All-in-all it's great.

But he's not who I'm trying to Bump. No, it's these guys.

While relatively new to Escapist, they're actually tearing down the veil of gaming, something few Journalists do. I look forward to seeing how they evolve on their new site, and hope you all check out their videos. So far, I've been impressed with the insightful work.

-Atlas Out


  1. That's because Yahtzee is a hardcore's hardcore. In short, the ultimate self-absorbed, morally entitled, artsy douchebag.
    But there have been some good stuff here and there in the Escapist, like some articles on Going Gold. Will check out Movie Bob and Extra Credits.

  2. Movie Bob has literally kept me going to the Escapist. I hate movie reviewers, but he gets so in-depth with all of them and really shows his love and care for the medium.

    Extra Credits feels like it will be much of the same.

  3. Moviebob is indeed awesome. He sparked my love for movie reviews again (well, at least his and those of