Wednesday, June 12, 2013

101: Learning Unity and Books on Design

In my search to learn more about Unity, 3D modeling, and Scripting languages, I am compiling a list of helpful resources for anyone curious on dipping their toes into similar water. I found it very annoying to find anything for people less on the technical side. Enjoy!

Starting off: Make a Clock

If you're going to learn, start simple. Learn the basics of Unity. Do not expect to learn how to code or script.

Starting off: Make a Runner

See your scripting in action with this. Should further develop your understanding of the tool. You may be making a game, but don't expect to be able to MAKE one. Follow this the whole way through.

Interested in C# for Beginners? Check out this video series!

An important thing to always remember: You're not going to learn to code in a day, or a week, or a month. It'll take patience and practice. BUT when you DO become more tempered with it, you will be creating something from nothing. Stay motivated! 

Unity 3d: Simple First-Person Shooter Tutorial by Quill

This tutorial series, although a little fast due to it being a recorded live stream, is intensely helpful when first starting off. Jump into this after making your CLOCK and RUNNER.

More resources to come. Suggested design books below:


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